Hector Villarroel

Born in Santiago, Chile


2018 MA of Iberian and Ibero-American Studies (Master of Arts: MA), Catholic University of Leuven, KU Leuven, Belgium 

1990 BFA in Visual Arts, University of Chile

2019 – Present,  Collaborating Professor, Institute of History, Pontifical Catholic
University of Valparaiso, Chile


2001 DIRAC, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chile. ‘Crossing’ publication, UC Berkeley CA, USA


2021 LANDSCAPE VARIATION, Brigit Art Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

2020 PLEAMAR, Brigit Art Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

2017 RECENT WORKS, LesbroussArt Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

2014 LATITUDE, Benjamin Vicuña Mackenna Museum, Santiago, Chile

2012 LATITUDE, Lesbrouss Art Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

          LATITUDE, Chilean Embassy, Madrid, Spain

2010 PINTURA, Rina Bouwen Gallery, Madrid, Spain

2008 WORKS, Molí El Canysset, Valencia, Spain

2008 POETRY and PAINTING, Macias-Villarroel, Hispanic Foundation, Madrid, Spain

2007 RECENT WORKS, Chilean Embassy, Brussels, Belgium

2006 RECENT WORKS, Rina Bouwen Gallery, Madrid, Spain

          TRANSFER, Jewish Community, Santiago, Chile

2005 TRANSFER, Chilean Embassy, Washington D.C., USA

          TRANSFER, La Pequeña Galeria, Madrid, Spain

2004 PINTURA RECIENTE, Rina Bouwen Gallery, Madrid, Spain

2003 SEASON, Atrium Gallery, IMF, Washington D.C., USA

          RECENT WORKS, Rina Bouwen Gallery, Madrid, Spain

2002 RECENT WORKS, Praxis Gallery, Santiago, Chile

          CROSSING, Cultural Center, Major University, Santiago, Chile

2001 CROSSING, CLAS, UC Berkeley, USA

2000 TERRITORY, Viviana Grandi Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

1999 TERRITORY, Chilean Consulate, New York, USA

1998 THE HUMAN MAP, Magdalena Baxeras Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

          THE HUMAN MAP, Synchronicity Space Gallery, New York, USA

1996 LA ESTANCIA, Altra Forma Gallery, Santiago, Chile

1995 GALERIA SEUL, Maison de L’Amérique Latine, Brussels, Belgium

1995 FRAGMENTS, Purgatori Gallery, Valencia, Spain

1994 LA GALERIA, Hyatt Regency, Santiago, Chile

          EL FRUIT DE L’ESTACIO PASSADA, Galileu Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

1993 LA GALERIA, Hyatt Regency, Santiago, Chile


2022 ART’DENNE, Durbuy History & Art Museum, Durbuy, Belgium

2021 BRUSSELS ART SQUARE, Brigit Art Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

2019 HET LICHT, Arís-Calleja-Villarroel, GC Elzenhof, Brussels, Belgium

2013 BAZART UC, Art Fair, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Santiago, Chile

2012 TWENTIETH ANNIVERSARY, Rina Bouwen Gallery, Madrid, Spain

         GALLERY COLLECTION, Pieter Pauwel Gallery, Aalst, Belgium

         GALLERY COLLECTION, Pieter Pauwel Gallery, Kasteel Van Huizengen, Belgium

2011 ATLANTIC SPACE, International Art Fair, Rina Bouwen Gallery, Vigo, Spain

2009 CAUCE i AFECTO, Arredondo-Gulle-Villarroel, Las Condes Cultural Center, Santiago, Chile

2008 GALLERY COLLECTION, Rina Bouwen Gallery, Madrid, Spain

2007 ABSTRACT TENDENCIES, Praxis International Gallery, Santiago, Chile

2006 ART WIZO, Art Gallery, Women’s International Zionist Organization, Santiago, Chile

2004 FAIM, International Art Fair, Madrid, Spain.

2002 ARTEBA, International Art Fair, Praxis International Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2001 MIXED MEDIA EXHIBIT, Studio Gallery, Irving CA, USA

2000 ARTE SANTANDER, International Art Fair, Viviana Grandi Gallery, Santander, Spain

         NEW MILLENIUM, The Artist’s Museum Gallery, Washington D.C., USA

1998 ANNUAL GALA, Atrium Gallery, IMF, Washington D.C., USA

1997 HOW I DREAM NEW YORK, Hilton Towers, New York NY, USA

1996 SUR, The New Gallery, University of Miami, Miami FL, USA

1995 LA GALERIA, Hyatt Regency, Santiago, Chile

1993 SOLID ART Caves de Cureghem, Brussels, Belgium

1992 500 YEARS OF GENOCIDE AND COLONIALIMS, Linden Gallery, St. Kilda, Australia

         TIEMPOS DE ARTE, Las Condes Cultural Center, Santiago, Chile

1991 ALUMNOS ARTISTAS III, Plastica Nueva Gallery, Santiago, Chile


Chilean Mission, UN, New York NY, USA

Chilean Mission, OAS, Washington D.C., USA

Chilean Embassy, Washington D.C., USA

Chilean Consulate, New York NY, USA

Hispanic Foundation, Madrid, Spain


LOM Publishers, Santiago, Chile

MERCAZ, Jewish Community, Santiago, Chile

WIZO, Santiago Chile

COPEC, Santiago, Chile


Santiago, Buenos Aires, Lima, Caracas, Sao Paulo, Mexico DF, Bogota, Barranquilla, San Jose, New York NY, Washington DC, Boston MD, Rockville MD, Los Angeles CA, Encino CA, San Francisco CA, Berkeley CA, Oakland CA, Santa Cruz CA, Ottawa, Vancouver, Madrid, Barcelona, Castelldefels, Valencia, Santander, Palma de Mallorca, Tenerife, Alicante, Paris, Pieve Santo Stefano (Tuscany), Ferney Voltaire, Padua, Cagliari, Brussels, Leuven, Kortrijk, Mol, London, The Hague, Haarlem, Oetrange (Luxembourg), Berlin, München, Freiburg, Bienne, Vilnius, Bjurholm (Sweden), Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo


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